Homesick – the distress of impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from home. In the process of grieving for my grandmother many emotions that were expected came.  The  emotion of loss but joy for knowing that she’s with Jesus. One emotion I was not anticipating that hit me suddenly during worship at my church was the feeling of being homesick for heaven. Don’t get me wrong being a follower of Christ I have always been excited about being in Christ’s presence, but this emotion was different. It was a beautiful reminder that this broken world is not my home. No wonder I struggle so much this side of heaven. I think that the busyness and responsibilities that I have, have become a priority. Being able to slow down this past week with spring break has been rewarding to my soul. As I write this (during my pastor’s sermon) he stated “To stay focused on the goal.” James reminds us to be patient until the Lords coming. So what’s my goal – to bring God glory in my daily living. I must love the one God has placed in my life. I am to encourage the  downhearted, to be a loving and supportive wife, to teach and lead my children to live a holy life in a broken world.I love my family and friends – but I anxiously await for my home. Jesus, come quickly.


2 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. The anticipation of arrival is so much sweeter when you intimately know someone who will be there to welcome you. I remember this emotion well after saying, ‘until we meet again’ to a loved one.


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