I cry at night

I’m breaking my rule about posting things in an emotional state.

I cry at night so that my girls don’t see me fall apart. I’m not a crier, I don’t enjoy it. I have an “ugly cry.” Mercy has always been my spiritual gift, and with the devastation that Harvey has brought, I feel the magnitude of people’s breaking hearts. My family got out of the path of the hurricane and retreated to nearby family. My husband traveled back to Rockport to help others in need. I am not myself without his presence.  We have served alongside through ministry, we have seen disaster in Haiti, and have been part of a team to help a sweet family in Guatemala. Never have we been on this side of disaster relief. I know my job is to bring peace & healing to my children, but I long to be in Rockport. My youngest child processed the fact today  that life may never be the same.  I held her as she cried, it was a holy moment. I am very thankful for family & friends that are ministering to my spirit. I am over whelmed at the out pouring of humanitarianism that I have witnessed on the news. No hate, no race, just humans helping other humans. Thank God for that.

I pray that humans keep being humans, that we love each other & help our neighbor the way Jesus would want us to do. “We are all God’s people” as my youngest child said today.

So I may cry at night, but I know His joy will come in the morning. I challenge myself to laugh and be silly with my children tomorrow.


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